English I: “Thank You, M’am” – Characterization

Here’s a sample of a characterization.  They are due tomorrow (10/26).

Throughout the story “Thank You M’am” we see that Roger is just an ordinary teenage boy who is struggling to overcome his poverty and fit into popular culture.  First we see that Roger lives in poverty.  When Mrs. Jones says to Roger, “Ain’t you got nobody to wash your face?” it becomes evident that Roger doesn’t have anyone at home.  Generally, if people are dirty, it can be assumed that they do not have as much money as others.  Roger tells Mrs. Jones that “there’s nobody home” at his house, and the reader can assume that his parents are out working to pay the bills.

We also see that Roger is just trying to fit in with what is popular.  Roger tells Mrs. Jones, “I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes” which were popular during this time period.  If Roger is wanting the shoes, then he’s just trying to fit in and be normal….


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